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Success Stories!

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Colin Hoeft: (Google+ Review)

I contacted Chris to see if he could save us on our mortgage. We emailed back and forth a little, and one night he came over and explained the whole process. He really simplified the aspects of what refinancing meant and the whole process. Chris took care of everything, the process was so easy, and we are saving a ton of money! Thanks Chris!

Derek Perrin (Google+ Review)

Derek Perrin (Google+ Review): I have referred a few people to Chris and they just loved him! I would definitely refer more people to him in the future and will get a mortgage from him when I decide to purchase a house!

Fanterra Fisher (Google+ Review)

As a first time home buyer we were lost. Chris took the time to explain the process to us not to mention got us the best rate possible. He went the extra mile dealing with our developer. He even offered to help us move come crunch time. I would highly recommend Chris’s services. Talk to him today!!!

Chris Wylie (Google+ Review)

Very pleased with the service Chris provided. He was quickly able to provide us with actual options which is something you don’t always have when sitting down with the bank. Just by switching over with Chris it provided the funds to put on a fair sized addition. We place a very high value on the services received from Chris and would highly recommend (and have already) that anyone interested in a mortgage take the time to give him a call. Thanks again for your help.

Owner – Armed With Harmony Music Services

I have hired Chris to seek out and find me the best rate for my personal mortgage. His willingness to go the extra mile and get me the best rate possible was what I was most happy with. Chris is a very professional yet personable Mortgage broker. He showed me how to become debt free faster and that’s what really matters!

Ryan Souster – Independent Real Estate Professional

Chris performed nothing short of a miracle to get my clients approved for their mortgage. It was looking pretty grim for a while but Chris managed to get our clients into their new home and out of the rental world! I would highly recommend Chris for anyone’s mortgage needs.

Danielle Empey

I have used Chris a couple of times and I couldn’t be happier with his services. Chris can do what a bank can’t, there were a few times when we didn’t think it would work out but Chris pulled through and made the necessary calls to make the deal happen! He is very professional and responds to any and all your questions quickly. I would recommend Chris to all of my friends, family and clients!

Allysa & Travis Brewster

Travis and I hadn’t planned on looking at houses until at least 6 months from now… but when an incredible offer came up we couldn’t ignore it! We nervously called Chris on a Saturday to see if we could set up an appointment to talk about this house… Sunday Chris met with us, Tuesday we had a conditional approval, and within the next week we were home owners!! Chris made this process so extremely easy and stress free, it honestly felt like a dream! We highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a professional, honest, hard working mortgage broker, and I can guarantee he will do anything he can to help you get into your dream home!! We honestly can’t thank him enough for everything he did for us.

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Phone: (306)291-4355